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Whatever the cause of their creation, hopefully they bring enjoyment to someone out there.


Market Research, aka RSS Followers, Help Me Out!

Hi all!

A friend and I were discussing the benefits of RSS feeds (seriously, if you don't subscribe to RSS feeds, please ask your grandkids to show you how), and it got me wondering how many of you subscribe via RSS feeds or similar, and what programs/apps/plugins you use to do so.

I've been using Google Reader for the last year or two, but my friend turned me on to Feedly, a Firefox add-on, which has been decent thus far, but I've only been using it for a few hours now.

So, if you are a regular reader of the Curios, please let me know how you keep up to date with the latest posts.

Hell, why not introduce yourselves! I'd like to get to know my readers (I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing!), and your likes and dislikes (in regards to the Curios, especially). My comments sections have been pretty thin on the ground and even if it's just to leave an anonymous 'hello!', I'd love to hear from you.

Here, I'll get the ball rolling -

This is me, Ringo Stalin. Taken in the Catacombes of Paris, February 2010. I'm the sole Curator of Ringo Stalin's Curios, and I'm extremely proud of this blog. I try to provide original, interesting content to my readers, and I generally try and put the content in some kind of context whenever I can. Sex, Death, Comics and Cult Films are my favoured topics. I am also a giant egocentric, attention whore. Nice to meet you.


  1. Anonymous9/3/10 14:36

    I was introduced to google reader last year and it's been AMAZING. I follow you on there (feel free to add my blog too...you might get a kick out of it since I post various oddities daily).

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dana! There is indeed some very cool stuff on your blog, I look forward to seeing the next entry in my feed.

    Now, who else is out there?

  3. Still looking for "Country Skin"? http://www.mediafire.com/?j1ynyzdlymm

  4. Awesome! Thanks, Porn Clerk! I'm eternally grateful.

  5. Additionally, readers are encouraged to check out Porn Clerk's blog 'Scene Kids In Pain' for some truly cool stuff.

  6. hi ringo ! your stuff still rules here ! cheers mate !

  7. Thanks, Filo!

    For those that don't know, Filo is one of the luchas (luches?) that run It's Deadlicious (see the right sidebar), one of the blogs that inspired me to create the Curios, and also creates Deadlicious pies and chocolates that I was lucky enough to sample when I visited Paris. I strongly urge you all to check it out!