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The Curios have been gathered from near and far. They may be common-as-muck or one-of-a-kind. They may be worth a pretty penny or a dime-a-dozen. They may be horrifying, captivating, loathsome, or scintillating.

Whatever the cause of their creation, hopefully they bring enjoyment to someone out there.


Twilight, Number 5, 1972, Bedtime Book Company

Shortly after I moved to London, I purchased this magazine from the Canadian Cinema Sewer online store. When it arrived, I found that it was printed and published in the state of my home town in Australia.

I couldn't tell you anything about 'Bedtime Book Company', as they seem to have shut up shop long before the advent of the internet. The 'Category 1' sticker appears to be Australian and seems to be a strangely recent addition to the cover.

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