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Live show - 28 Feb 2009

Belittle League
Shame Spiral
Ringo Stalin
Family Hour

The Metro Hotel
46 Grote St
28 February 09

Belittle League - Underfire
Ringo Stalin - Dead Bodies on the Dancefloor (vocal demo)

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Kathrine Hepbern in "Belle of the Hills" - NSFW

Tijuana Bibles were smutty little comics, usually 8 pages long, and often quite graphic in their depiction of sexual activity. They were quite popular between the 1930s and 1950s. For more information, check out the tijuanabible.org, and tijuanabibles.org. I also highly recommend Bob Edelman's 'Tijuana Bibles: Art and Wit in America's Forbidden Funnies'.

It's not altogether hard to find Tijuana Bibles, but I was overjoyed to win one on a popular online auction site, as that particular auction site has particular rules regarding 'adult' material being sent overseas (which is funny, because there's absolutely nothing mature about this book at all!). I think those rules came in after I purchased this particular book, which is a shame. I was looking forward to amassing a large collection of these dirty 8-pagers.

The description on the site said:
"Usually you saw general names... but this one references a movie star of the period!! They just changed the spelling a bit!

Very Good Condition. 1930s/40s. A peeping bellboy relates the hot sex scene going on the hotel room where Kathrine Hepbern is doing the deed!! Great illustrations and narration.

Only one copy available.

Super Rare WW2 Comic Book!

* Fantastic original condition, all 8 pages are tight and the covers still bright. The entire book is lightly folded, by not creased as shown in the picture. Found in a box that came from an estate sale near Fort Bragg, NC. I bet this kept some soldiers very entertained.
*Filthy period comics show lots of T @ A.
*First edition and absolutely original!!!"

I have no way of verifying if it is indeed a first edition, but it's a beautiful piece of hidden history.

That said, I still haven't figured out exactly what that is on the front cover and I can't figure out if the girl in the piece is meant to look like Katherine Hepburn, or is a totally different person with the remarkably similar name of 'Kathrine Hepbern'. In fact, it's questionable whether the contents of the book have any relation to the front cover at all!

EDIT: I believe the body of this Bible actually comes from something along the lines of 'What the Bell Boy Saw' or similar.