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Home For The Def - Phat Phlex & Indisputable Proof That Life Sucks

I'm really excited about this.

Home For The Def has been a powerful force on the Adelaide music scene for over 15 years. The majority of his earlier output is on cassette; however, he tells me that he will eventually be making it available digitally.

In the interim, with help from Steev, I've ripped the albums 'Phat Phlex' and 'Indisputable Proof That Life Sucks' and, with HFTD's blessing, they are now available to you.

Lo-fi indie goth rock hip-hop beats for the discerning listener, ladies and gentlemen, Home For The Def:

Home For The Def - Indisputable Proof That Life Sucks.zip

1. Confusion Sets In
2. Mint Condition Target
3. Debbie's Thighs
4. I'm Blind
5. Johnny On The Beat (out looking for love)
6. Avril's A Waitress Now
7. Somewhere (Over The Rainbow)
8. Conversations About The Weather
9. Buff The Phone/Repercussionism
10. I'm A Do It Like This
11. Cease The Day
12. Jersey Lightning
13. Kick My Arse
14. Doubts
15. Rave On
16. The Girl With Elastica Hair
17. Obsessed With Ducks
18. I'm A Bird And You're A Cloud
19. Writing In Lightning
20. Oppenheimer
21. Last To Know
22. Feels Like I'm Winning (Feels Like I'm Raving Mix)
23. Everythings Not So Inside
24. You Sexy Thing (Sentridoh)
25. Alright
26. Baby, Baby
27. It's A Girl!

"Somewhere (over the rainbow)" originally by someone else, "You Sexy Thing" originally by Hot Chocolate, "Baby, Baby" originally by Ratcat.

Home For The Def - Phat Phlex.zip

1. New To This
2. The Hunter
3. Babs Has Icecream
4. The Bomb
5. I Have A Large Pianist
6. 64
7. White Chocolate
8. Mindful Of Cake
9. You're So Groovy
(99 Goth Millenium Mix)
10. Puttin' On The Ditz
11. I'm Coming Home
12. Loose Arse Plastic
13. 20 Something
14. Go Directly To Jail
15. Coppin' A Feel
16. Home For The Def Leopard
17. Activate!
18. 50 Different Ideas
19. Here We Go Yeah
20. I Want To Bereave

Heavy on the hip hop flavours, Phat Phlex will pound a hole from one ear drum to the other and then proceed to pace the path between, back and forth, back and forth.