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The Curios have been gathered from near and far. They may be common-as-muck or one-of-a-kind. They may be worth a pretty penny or a dime-a-dozen. They may be horrifying, captivating, loathsome, or scintillating.

Whatever the cause of their creation, hopefully they bring enjoyment to someone out there.


Ringo's Erotic Adventures In Paris (Beware: Epic NSFW image post!)

Regular readers of the Curios will know I've recently returned from a European holiday. From the outset, I knew there would be a few destinations from my travels that I would want to share with the Curios readers. I'll post the rest in due time, but for now, please enjoy...

Ringo's Erotic Adventures in Paris!!!

(disclaimer: I should point out that any overtly erotic behaviour that I may or may not have explicitly participated in during my stay in Paris is not documented below. Sorry if you had your hopes up.)

When it came to finding erotica for the Curios, I knew Paris wouldn't let me down. Luckily, I was made aware of the Musée de l'érotisme, in the Pigalle area of Paris.

At only 8 Euro admission, that's 1 Euro for every floor jam-packed full of erotica throughout the ages, and it's definitely well worth the visit.

Yep, just down the street from the Moulin Rouge. In retrospect, I wish we'd taken a closer look at the Moulin Rouge, but this is as close as we got. I think I was just too excited about finding the Musée...

The Pigalle is also the main red light district of Paris. Every second store is a sex shop. This photo alone puts the 'red light district' of Adelaide, South Australia, to shame.

This grumpy naked chap welcomes you to the Musée.


Market Research, aka RSS Followers, Help Me Out!

Hi all!

A friend and I were discussing the benefits of RSS feeds (seriously, if you don't subscribe to RSS feeds, please ask your grandkids to show you how), and it got me wondering how many of you subscribe via RSS feeds or similar, and what programs/apps/plugins you use to do so.

I've been using Google Reader for the last year or two, but my friend turned me on to Feedly, a Firefox add-on, which has been decent thus far, but I've only been using it for a few hours now.

So, if you are a regular reader of the Curios, please let me know how you keep up to date with the latest posts.

Hell, why not introduce yourselves! I'd like to get to know my readers (I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing!), and your likes and dislikes (in regards to the Curios, especially). My comments sections have been pretty thin on the ground and even if it's just to leave an anonymous 'hello!', I'd love to hear from you.

Here, I'll get the ball rolling -

This is me, Ringo Stalin. Taken in the Catacombes of Paris, February 2010. I'm the sole Curator of Ringo Stalin's Curios, and I'm extremely proud of this blog. I try to provide original, interesting content to my readers, and I generally try and put the content in some kind of context whenever I can. Sex, Death, Comics and Cult Films are my favoured topics. I am also a giant egocentric, attention whore. Nice to meet you.


'Greek' Adult Party Drinks Coasters

My first Curio purchase during my European jaunt was one of the best kind: totally unexpected, affordable, and fun.

Bought from a stall in the Spitalfields Antique Markets, held every Thursday. The woman who sold them to me was hilarious and friendly, and she remarked on the sauciness of the coasters, and the appropriateness of having them on the dinner table while Nana visits for Sunday Roast.

Unfortunately, I don't have much in the way of details of the coasters, apart from the fact that they're just over 3" across, ceramic with a paper base, and they came in a hard brown plastic caddy. I found a similar set on Ebay, very similar in appearance, but with Grecian non-sexual fresco-type motifs, with the exact same caddy. The seller doesn't appear to have had any more luck finding any info on their production, and simply states: "Set of 6 with original holder....looks to be 1960's vintage." (see below for comparison shot)

(above: similar set of coasters for sale on Ebay for comparison)

Home Again...

(above: Euro swag! Not pictured: 4.5kg of books I had to send home via post, due to luggage restrictions)

Hello, ladies & gents!

Well, I'm home from my European curio-collecting expedition and I found great deal of swag to share with you. Along with the stuff that I already have in my vault, it's going to take me an age to put everything up here, so this blog isn't going anywhere any time soon!


Ringo Stalin

PS: please bear with me while I battle against the bugs in Blogger's new Post Editor. This could mean numerous re-publishings of the same post, with minor changes. I apologise in advance.