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Amazing World of DC Comics Special Edition No.1

Amazing World of DC Comics Special Edition No.1 is a commemorative magazine, which also acts as a program for Super DC Convention, held in February 1976, at Hotel Commodore, New York.

I received this bundled in with an Ebay purchase, acting as a bonus free gift, and also as protective padding for whatever it was I'd actually purchased. I'm always keen for more reading material, so it was a pleasant surprise. The other comics were a 'What If', a Superman, and a Hulk, if I'm not mistaken, and they were all severely water-damaged.

A quick side-note: Old crappy comics make really good wrapping paper for gifts. Of course, sound judgment should be used when deciding which comics to destroy.

I haven't scanned the magazine in its entirety, just some of the more interesting pages.

For the record, I'm not a Superman fan, by any means. DC is definitely my preferred stable (having given the world my all-time favourite title: Garth Ennis' Preacher) but I wouldn't say I'm an ardent follower of all titles. I was a steady collector of Batman and Detective for roughly a year, coinciding with the height of Bat-Mania in 1989, and have been trying to read as many of the trades I can (most recently, 'Hush'. And what a steaming pile of manure that was), but I'm still remarkably far behind on what's been happening in Gotham over all these years...

Ever see a man say 'Yaahooo!' to a snack-cake before?

Superman really is a dick.

So based on the pic on bottom right, am I to assume that Edward G Robinson once played the Man of Steel?

"He buys and sells us, but we like it"???

If you're wondering who or what 'Mego' is, try this site.

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