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Involuntary Hiatus Pt. 2

A few weeks ago, I posted about having to have an involuntary hiatus.

Unfortunately, the hiatus will have to continue for a little bit longer.

Here's the deal: my motherboard is dying. I can barely do anything on my old desktop PC without it freezing up. Editing images is next to impossible.

So I bit the bullet, and yesterday I bought myself a new laptop. I was really looking forward to getting everything up and running, and playing with the new imaging software and fancy gadgets and whatnot, and I returned home from work this afternoon to find my house had been broken into, and the laptop stolen. Less than 24 hours after I'd installed all the necessary software and updates.

They also took a few PS3 games, and one of my girlfriend's necklaces. But the laptop was the biggest blow. I'm not insured, and the police couldn't get any clear prints off of anything the jerk touched, so I've got very little chance of ever getting it back.

It's going to take me some time to get my funds into a position to get another new laptop, but rest assured, it's my Number One Priority. I honestly cannot wait to get back onto this blog and scanning a bunch of really cool stuff for you.

So bear with me, guys, we'll get there in the end. Trust me, it's REALLY COOL STUFF.

Be seeing you,

- Ringo Stalin

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