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Batman - Dark Knight, Dark City

I recently got a shout-out in one of my favourite blogs - Is That Cool? - and I'm proud as punch! And while I may never have read much Heavy Metal in my youth, I certainly read a lot of Batman comics.

This particular storyline (Batman, issues 452-454) has been a favourite of mine over the years, and with the burgeoning rumours regarding Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, I felt it time to share my thoughts, particularly regarding the rumour that the Riddler wil be making an appearance.

A lot of people say the Riddler is one-note, a mere shade of the Joker. Those people never read 'Dark Knight, Dark City', which saw the Riddler take a very very vicious turn (and deliver some very very nifty riddles!). I admit, there's definitely something endearing about Joker's out-and-out chaos, the Riddler's modus operandi always appealed to me. Couple that with Frank Gorshin's unforgettable portrayal in the TV series (and that laugh!), and you're onto a winner.

Without trying to spoil too much of the plot, DKDC finds the Riddler attempting to re-enact an occult ritual, originally partaken in by early Gotham residents, including future US president Thomas Jefferson.

Story by Peter Milligan, ink by Kieron Dwyer, lettering by Dennis Janke, covers by Mike Mignola.

All frames taken from issue 452.

'Sploding babies!!! WTF??? (or are they?)

Zombies!!! WTF??? (or are they?)


  1. Holy shit, bro. That DKDC some incredible shit. Thank-YOU for the shout!

    PS: Rainn Wilson rumored as Nolan's Riddler?

  2. I have these squirreled away somewhere, I just re-read these about a year ago. Really was into Batman when these came out, great little mini run.

  3. I just realised I've written about the Riddler and there's only one image of him! When I get some time, I'll rectify that, along with some discussion as to who I think would make a good Riddler. Rainn Wilson! Hrrm, that could be interesting!