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Swamp Thing, #46, 1985

I never really read much Swamp Thing but I've had this issue in my collection for as long as I can remember. I've no idea where it came from, either; it just appeared one day...

These particular pages have stuck with me ever since I was a kid. And I'm still disappointed that Ford never produced the 'Basilisk'.

(sorry about the page seam)


  1. Moore seems to have some affinity for the year 1997, since that is the year that his other stories V FOR VENDETTA and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MAN OF TOMORROW are set in.
    Learn so much more about Swamp Thing 46 at www.tinyurl.com/readswampthing

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing, Greg!

    You may be interested to know, if you didn't already, that Liver-Eating Johnson (12:2) is based on a real person too - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liver-Eating_Johnson