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Whatever the cause of their creation, hopefully they bring enjoyment to someone out there.


Models of All Nations Playing Cards - Hearts

As I mentioned in my previous post, yes, the King of Hearts is missing, making this a totally useless deck of cards. However, it does have one thing that most decks don't: Betty White posing nude as the Nine of Hearts. According to this article from that bastion of integrity, Fox News, comedian White confirmed this during an interview with David Letterman.


  1. Thanks to Ringo Stalin for his generosity. Posting an (almost) complete set of these rare cards online (in high resolution) appears to be as rare as the cards themselves.

    I'd be interested to know all the model names who appear in the cards, as well as the date of publication - The coloring looks 70s, but the poses look almost 50s... Interestin'...

    1. I appreciate your comments, Anonymous reader!

      I would also like further information regarding these cards, so if anyone knows who produced them, the date of production (I would say circa 1950), model names, etc etc, please feel free to share!

  2. Here is my own scan of the full deck - including the back and the box. I don't have any info other that then hilarious blurb on the joker card about it being as sparkling and refreshing as a mountain stream. I hope this helps :)


    1. That's brilliant! Nice find, Carol, I'm envious! Thanks for sharing.

    2. No problem! I just realized the box wasn't included in the scan - but it's the same as the card backs.

      Here's scans of another funny sexed up joke deck