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Ringo Stalin - Bone Town

It's finally complete. This album has been languishing on my hard drive in one form or other for the better part of ten years. Over that time, the songs have been written and rewritten, recorded and re-recorded, lost and found.

For your pleasure, please find below the download link for Ringo Stalin's 'Bone Town'.

All songs written and produced by Ringo Stalin unless noted otherwise.

Track 1
Dawn Of The Dead
co-produced by Steven Beckett

Track 2
Lifeguard In The Typing Pool
contains samples of: Seven Seas of Rhye - Queen, Blanche - Elf, The Incredible Hulk theme, Dancin' Homer Medley - Alf Clausen

Track 3
Necro-Feelin' It
additional vox - Home For The Def
co-produced by Steven Beckett

Track 4
Carapace Jazz

Track 5
Donde Esta Manana
co-produced by Steven Beckett

Track 6
All Hail Queen Persephone

Track 7
Bring Us Down (Army of Dreamers)
co-produced by Steven Beckett

Track 8
The Barrels of Bela Kiss
Live instruments arranged and produced by Horrahedd

Track 9
Shattered Bone

Track 10
written by Misfits
co-produced by Steven Beckett
contains sample of the Stoppit & Tidyup theme

Track 11
Dead Bodies On The Dancefloor

Track 12
Demented Forever
contains samples of Cecil B. Demented, dir. by John Waters, 2000

Track 13
They Moved The Moon
written by Warren Zevon

Track 14
Dead Bodies On The Dancefloor (Frankie Teardrop Remix)
remixed by Frankie Teardrop

Track 15
Dead Bodies On The Dancefloor (Rigor Mortis Remix)
remixed by The Pitchfork Council

Track 16
Dead Bodies On The Dancefloor (Sophie Ellis Bextor's Corpse Remix)
remixed by Stepharoo

Cover art by Seb Calabretto, no reproduction authorised without express permission.


Creative Commons License
Bone Town by Ringo Stalin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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