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The Curios have been gathered from near and far. They may be common-as-muck or one-of-a-kind. They may be worth a pretty penny or a dime-a-dozen. They may be horrifying, captivating, loathsome, or scintillating.

Whatever the cause of their creation, hopefully they bring enjoyment to someone out there.


Wet Satin - Women's Erotic Fantasies, Issue 2, 1978, Last Gasp

'Wet Satin - Women's Erotic Fantasies' ran for two issues by Last Gasp, under the guidance of comic artist and writer, Trina Robbins, who was heavily involved in the underground comix movement in the 1970s, as well as being the co-creator of horror icon, Vampirella.

Issue 2 contained nine stories in total:
  • 'Noblesse Oblige' by Sharon Rudahl
  • 'The Best Parts' by Joyce Farmer
  • 'Feline Frolic' by Lee Marrs
  • 'Nifty Ways to Cleave Your Lover' by Joey Epstein
  • 'Dog Fight' by Trina Robbins
  • 'Piece & Quiet' by Shelby Sampson
  • 'Those Beautiful Babes in their Bain de Soleil' by Mary Wilshire
  • 'Floating' by Lee Marrs
  • 'Upstairs' by Trina Robbins
The cover is by Lee Marrs, while the back cover is by Margery Peters.

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