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Wagons - The Rise and Fall of Goodtown

(photo by Michael Collas-Smith)

Wagons are without a doubt my favourite currently active Australian band. Wagons offer an Australian country style without sounding like the hackneyed trite that's become so prevalent in 'Country' music.

At my former place of work, new employees would be grilled, as most new members of any social group are, about their taste in music. Too often, I heard this phrase "Oh, I like most stuff. You know, whatever... Except country." And I agree, for the most part, because their understanding of country is this vomitous sludge (just to clarify, in case the formatting isn't clear enough, that's a link to the Australian Country Music Association). But Wagons are an exception, a golden shining beacon, Henry Wagons' magnificent baritone the clarion call for seekers of truth, beauty and the occasional murder-revenge ballad.

At the time of writing, Wagons are currently undertaking a national tour, promoting the new album 'The Rise and Fall of Goodtown', which is available via the Wagons Myspace page.

(Goodtown video directed by Lucy Dyson)

Wagons - Never Been To Spain (from '... Goodtown') (written by Hoyt Axton)
Wagons - Eagle On The Hill (from 'Draw Blood')
Wagons - Samson (from 'Trying To Get Home')

Wagons 'The Rise and Fall of Goodtown' tour dates:
20 May 2009 Winsome Hotel, Lismore, NSW
21 May 2009 Hoey Moey w/ Claude Hay, Coff’s Harbour, NSW
22 May 2009 Hamilton Station Hotel w/ The Retreat & Gregory Page (USA), Newcastle, NSW
23 May 2009 Hopetoun Hotel w/ The Retreat & Gregory Page (USA), Sydney, NSW
24 May 2009 Brass Monkey w/ The Retreat & Gregory Page (USA), Cronulla, NSW
27 May 2009 Newcastle UNI - day time show, Newcastle, NSW
29 May 2009 Hotel Gearin w/ Claude Hay, Katoomba, NSW
30 May 2009 ANU Bar w/ Bonjah, Canberra, ACT
7 Jun 2009 Corner Hotel w/ Whisky Go Gos & Felicity Groom, Melbourne, Vic.
10 Jun 2009 The Moon Cafe (Henry Wagons solo), Northbridge, WA
11 Jun 2009 Mojo’s w/ Justin Walshe & Felicity Groom, Fremantle, WA
12 Jun 2009 Settler’s Tavern, Margaret River, WA
13 Jun 2009 Prince of Wales, Bunbury, WA
14 Jun 2009 Indi Bar w/ Fancy Brothers, Perth, WA
19 Jun 2009 The Alley Cat w/ The Native Cats, Hobart, Tas.
20 Jun 2009 The Royal Oak w/ The Native Cats, Launceston, Tas.
26 Jun 2009 Ruby’s w/ Cam Ewart and The Thod, Belgrave, Vic.
27 Jun 2009 The National Hotel, Geelong, Vic.
3 Jul 2009 Oakleigh Bowling Club, Oakleigh, Vic.
4 Jul 2009 Meeniyan Hall, Meeniyan, Vic.
10 Jul 2009 Wheatsheaf Hotel w/ No Through Road, Adelaide, SA
11 Jul 2009 Mojo’s, Hamilton, Vic.

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  1. Going to see them tonight.

    29 May 2009 Hotel Gearin w/ Claude Hay, Katoomba, NSW