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What A Way To Go: Some Of The Strangest Deaths On Record

'What A Way To Go: Some Of The Strangest Deaths On Record' by Peter Bowler and Jonathon Green is one of my favourite books.

It's a collection of tales of the various 'odd' ways people over the years have shuffled, plummeted, or otherwise turned fouetté off this mortal coil.

I once found this book in the children's section in a local library, and I was pleased that the publishers, parents brigades or other watchdogs hadn't found it too 'morbid' to place on the shelves. I personally have found that Death should be embraced and enjoyed because, after all, we, each and every one, will be experiencing it one day. This book certainly takes a light-hearted look at the subject.

That is not to say that one shouldn't grieve in times of loss; it's never nice to know that you'll never be able to speak with a loved one again. And there are also times when Death is absolutely no laughing matter for those involved, but I digress...

I will add excerpts from the book over time.

Also, please note that any book that cites Kenneth Anger, or "word of mouth" as a source should probably be taken with a grain of salt...

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