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Batman - Dark Knight, Dark City - The Riddler

A few weeks ago, I posted about my favourite Riddler/Batman story, and neglected to put up any decent pictures of The Riddler!

I've always been a little annoyed that Riddler and Joker had to share the green/purple colour scheme. But, dang, it does look good on both of them. And if it's part of a natty three-piece suit, all the better.

I mentioned previously that the rumours regarding Christopher Nolan's third Batman film are already flying, including that The Riddler will be one of the villains, and that he'd be played by Joseph Gordon Levitt.

There's no doubting that Levitt certainly has the acting chops and wirey physique necessary to portray Edward Nigma, but I think there are a few other actors who might be worthy of consideration:

Steve Buscemi - I'd love to see an older Riddler, especially one that could be as endearing and sinister in equal measures. I'm thinking particularly of Buscemi's turn in Con Air.

Michael Emerson - Possibly most familiar as being 'Ben' from 'Lost', Emerson was suggested to me by my significant other, and I can see where she's coming from. I'm not a Lost fan (nor am I a hater, I just haven't really gotten into it), but what I've seen of Emerson, he can portray devious enigma with aplomb. And he really does have The Riddler's face.

Frank Gorshin - I know, I know, the wonderful Mr Gorshin is no longer with us, but seriously, his version of The Riddler in the 60s TV show is so enduring and burnt into the popular consciousness that the idea of him returning as a rebooted Riddler gives me goosebumps. In a good way.

(since when do guns go 'BBMM'??)

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